November 28, 2017

9-11.09.2017 COPENHAGEN seminar for teachers



For the last 4 years, members of Act in Art Network have been actively standing on the forefront of the activities related to the development of entrepreneurial mindset and skills of partner institutions’ students. It has become evident that there is a significant importance in the development of both theoretical knowledge and practical tools for teaching entrepreneurial mindset in artistic academies and the role of the network has become even more important, in order to provide a meaningful dialog between Nordic music and arts academies.

But how to define and shape the identity and highlight the importance of the reflective method that Act in Art has acquired as it’s focal point, offering a sustainable think tank platform – especially now where the creative entrepreneurship or culturepreneurship has become a trendy topic of many EU Commission founded projects?

Act in Art seizes the potential and opportunity to become a platform and meeting point for all the actors involved in the development, researching, co-creating, reinventing new approaches towards creative entrepreneurship.

Therefore, in order to re-think its role and importance Act in Art calls in a General Members Meeting where a new agenda, mission and vision will be discussed. Additionally, a think-tank workshop for teachers involved in entrepreneurial activities in partner universities will be held, for exchange existing methods and tools and following up on current trends and topics in the field.


If you wish to participate as the lecturer, please register to the network coordinator Anna Maria Ranczakowska ( or to your academy international relations office by August 12, 2017. The travelling costs and accommodation will be covered by the network. Detailed schedule to be announced after the completion of participants list.


Download documents:


Maries note from group work day 1 ACTINART meeting september 17 Copenhagen