October 18, 2017


The mission of ActinArt network is to support and facilitate Nordic/Baltic artistic Higher Education Institutions’ process in developing entrepreneurial mindset within curricula. 

Entrepreneurial mindset refers to a set of hard and soft skills helping students and teachers to increase awareness of the importance of career building, to develop a proactive approach to professional integration and share knowledge of employment opportunities. The importance of ActinArt lies in facilitating students, alumni, faculty and administration of the universities offering them a view of social, managerial, legal and financial aspects of acting in the art world professionally as well as being an educator or administrator.

Act in Art puts an emphasis  on the importance of freedom and artistic expressions of creative people, thus not trying to “fit” students into given “frames” of the meaning of being entrepreneurial, letting students to understand and develop their entrepreneurial mindset by themselves instead.

For the last 4 years, members of the network have been actively standing on the forefront of the activities related to the development of entrepreneurial mindset and skills of partner institutions’ students. It has become evident that there is a significant importance in the development of both theoretical knowledge and practical tools for
teaching entrepreneurial mindset in artistic academies and the role of the network has become even more important, in order to provide a meaningful dialog between Nordic music and arts academies.
But how to define and shape the identity and highlight the importance of the reflective method that Act in Art has acquired as it’s focal point, offering a sustainable think tank platform – especially now where the creative entrepreneurship or culturepreneurship has become a trendy topic of many EU Commission founded projects?
Act in Art seizes the potential and opportunity to become a platform and meeting point for all the actors involved in the development, researching, co-creating, reinventing new approaches towards creative entrepreneurship.

In the first year ActinArt included four higher education institutions: University College of Opera Stockholm, Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Sibelius Academy. In 2014 Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre joined. Sine than, the network is consequently growing every year.

The partnership of these institutions ensures a strong cross-disciplinary approach of the network.

Since 2014 the network has been managed by the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.