February 23, 2016


How do we release the creative and innovative potential of each individual arts education student?

Act in Art Bootcamp Initiative is an annually organized 5 days long intensive seminar targeting all three level of Artistic Higher Education Institutions: studets, teachers and leadership to collectively investigate how we could design and test an education in an artistic entrepreneurial approach by ideating and conducting experiments during the bootcamp settings and later,  within the field in the various home-countries.

Within the scopes of the Bootcamp  students get individual mentoring sessions and shared sessions are arranged with the best teachers in the field. Teachers are selected in cooperation with Network Partners and legendary Danish HEI, KaosPilots.

International interaction with other entrepreneurial students is one of the main aims of the bootcamp and it is of high value for the students. The concept has been tried out twice in Bootcamp 1.0 (Lithuania), and Bootcamp 2.0. (April 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia).

The 1.0. and 2.0 editions consisted of two workshops with field-testing of ideas in between. It brought together students in their final years of various arts based educations from Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Norway. Additionally, students from Equador and Italy participated in the project.

The results were shared with a network of teachers in the field of entrepreneurship within Artistic HEIs at a conference in Vilnius. Bootcamp 2.0 brought together 11 students and the results were succesfully presented directly at the annual Rectors (ANMA) meeting in Tallinn in April 2016. Act in Art Bootcamp was presented and acknowledged as best practice international cooperational project.

Apart from being beneficial for the students, the Bootcamp-project is also expected to be of value for the anchoring effort in the member institutions. Especially at the level of management. Often the entrepreneurial mindset is not a high priority for the artistic higher education bodies. Therefore the aim of ActinArt is to embrace the subject of entrepreneurial mindset not only from students’ but also from universities leaders’ perspective.

The BOOTCAMP idea aims not only at developing entrepreneurial skills in participating students, but also in further promotion of the results of bootcamp and successive student to the leaders’ level, so that they see the potential in the development and integration of entrepreneurial modules into their institutions curricula. The BOOTCAMP also answers the demand coming from the academies by picking up the students and giving eye opening experience – with visible results, that can then be transferred and promoted among other students in home academies.

By repeating the idea of the BOOTCAMP we aim at creating a network of bootcamp alumni, so to say ambassadors, who later will serve as disseminators of entrepreneurial ideas and mindset among students and in the cultural sector in general.



Astrid Elbek talking about the purpose and the desired outcome of the BOOTCAMP.

Testimonials from BOOTCAMP 1.0 participants:

Belada: “What did I benefit from it? A lot! The best maybe is that Morten gave us the benefit of his experience and knowledge. I got info and I was inspired. Even now, I still use the conspectus from workshop to look to the things and process “in a different way”.

Anne-Mai: “ActInArt Future Building BOOTCAMP gave me a lot of motivation to realize my ideas. It was a great journey of looking deeply into ourselves and finding out who we really are and what we can achieve.”


The workshop provides 3 ECTS  credits to MA level art/Music students.