Entrepreneurial Thinking
in the Arts

Network for students and academicians
in Nordic and Baltic art academies

Artists, musicians, actors struggle to earn a living after
graduating from universities.
We want to make it easier. How?


The core mission of Act in Art network is to facilitate art academies’ process in developing an entrepreneurial mindset within curricula.


Entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills that helps students and teachers to increase awareness of importance of career building and professional integration (e.g. knowledge of employment opportunities).


The network supports both student and teacher mobility, focusing on sharing of experiences and merging creative and entrepreneurial practices.


Bootcamp is the annually organised 5-day long intensive seminar that opens the possibility for students and teachers to share knowledge, discuss and collaborate.


Research within the network is an ongoing activity, the aim of which is to thoroughly analyze existing entrepreneurial course in Nordic-Baltic countries, patterns, and best practices.

Who are we?

Act in Art is a partnership of 15 universities.
A student or a staff member of any of the partner universities can apply for participation in our projects.

If your university is not on the list, don’t worry! Send us a message. We are always happy to partner with more universities, as it is beneficial for development of interdisciplinary and multicultural approach.


"Entrepreneurship is about people. That they should be proactive, development-oriented, make things happen, grasp for opportunities and in the process get influence over their own lives. That a person is entrepreneurial means that he has the ability to transform an idea into a final result".

(Valdemar Duus, www.emu.dk)

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